【TiDB 4.0 PCTA 学习笔记】1.3-4-5

Ancient days of TiDB:
1,Inspired by Google Spanner,we made TiDB
2,In the 1.0.0 GA version,TiDB is
a,A freely scalable(computing,storage)database
b,Compatible with MySQL syntax and protocol
c,Transparent Data Spliting Policy-Range Spliting
d,Strongly consistent,distributed transaction support

Datahub Capability
1,TiDB is ideal for Datahub scenarios
2,Protocol-compatible,easy synchronization of MySQL production libraries
3,Transparent and accessible cross-segmentation queries.
4,Data landing in real time.
5,Massive storage allows multiple data sources to converge
6,Standby -Datahub Analysis 2-in-1

One year later
1,TP Scenario
a,CUSTOMER:There are still some problems though…Smells good!
2,AP Scenario
a,Client 1:Complex statements are so slow!
b,Clients:Always OOM!
c,Clients 3:Can’t integrate with a big data platform!


TiDB(SQL layer)
1,stateless sql layer
2,full-featured sql layer

TiKV/TiFlash(Storage Layer)
1,TiKV:row-based storage engine
2,TiFlash:columar storage engine

PD(Placement Driver)
1,Store the metadata of the cluster such as the region location of a specific key.
2,Schedule and load balance regions in the TiKV cluster,including but not limited to data migration and Raft group leader transfer.
3,Allocate the transaction ID that is globally unique and monotonically increasing.

Fast Backup & Restore

important features
2,high availability
3,distribute transaction
4,real-time htap