TIDB断电出错the prometheus port 9090 is not up

: Ansible FAILED! => playbook: start.yml; TASK: wait until the prometheus port is up; message: {“changed”: false, “elapsed”: 300, “msg”: “the prometheus port 9090 is not up”}

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It seems that you encounter some problems. You can send an email to the above email address, attached with the tidb-ansible/inventory.ini and tidb-ansible/log/ansible.log files and the error message, or new issue on https://github.com/pingcap/tidb-ansible/issues. We’ll try our best to help you deploy a TiDB cluster. Thanks. :slight_smile:

通过 prometheus. log 可以看到 prometheus data 文件读取 json output 失败,可以先确认下盘是否可用,比如 vi 保存文件。磁盘正常情况下,监控数据无用情况下,可以重新部署 prometheus,如下步骤: 1.先 mv 备份 Prometheus.2.0.2 .data.metrics 的目录 2.中控机 ansible-playbook -l deploy. yml --tags prometheus 3.中控机 ansible-playbook -l start. yml --tags prometheus

2 个赞中控机那台出此问题,终于解决了。非常谢谢

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