【TiDB 4.0 PCTA 学习笔记】- 1.2 What’s an HTAP Database (HTAP 数据库简介)@2班+陈俊聪

课程名称: 课程版本(101)+ 1.2 What’s an HTAP Database (HTAP 数据库简介)


1 小时


what HTAP、why HTAP


Before we begin

  • Context: As the need of read-time analytics and HTAP is rising, this topic is an introduction of the concept of HTAP.
  • Goal: After this session, audience will have a brief idea of what is HTAP
  • Outline:
    • Database evolution
    • What does term HTAP means
    • Why HTAP is needed and how it helps you
    • TiDB HTAP architecture
    • Real world scenarios
  • Lab requirements (if needed): N/A


  • HTAP databse shine
    • Simplify architecture
    • Lower maintenence cost
    • Empower read-time scenarios
    • Improve business agility


Sales Data Platform / Services


  • Meeting the requirements from both sides is hard
    • Scalability
      • It’s easy to build a distributed AP database but TP is hard
    • TP / AP at the same time
      • Suporting both storage formats
      • Avoiding workload interference
    • Seamlessly integration
      • Data synchronization
      • Fresh data

How HTAP help you

  • An overview of TiDB HTAP
  • Goal
  • Subtopics
    • TiDB HTAP introduction
    • Real world scenarios
  • Key points
  • Review of goal

TiDB HTAP Features

  • A Scalable database
  • Built for strict transactional use cases
  • Proved at core finance business
  • Equipped with powerful analytical engines
  • Natural fit for datahub / read-time data application

What’s new in TiDB 4.0 HTAP

  • Real-time updatable colummar engine
  • Scalable row-wise and columnar engines
    • Separated machines,no interference
    • Consistent data replication
  • Vectorized engine
  • Smart selection between row and column formats

New TiDB 4.0 Architecture

Scenarios 1

Scenarios 2

Comprehensive Data Platform