drainer 4.0的如何删除,

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【资源配置】进入到 TiDB Dashboard -集群信息 (Cluster Info) -主机(Hosts) 截图此页面

[root@123 tidb-data]# tiup cluster display tidb
Starting component cluster: /root/.tiup/components/cluster/v1.3.1/tiup-cluster display tidb
Cluster type: tidb
Cluster name: tidb
Cluster version: v4.0.9
SSH type: builtin
Dashboard URL:
ID Role Host Ports OS/Arch Status Data Dir Deploy Dir alertmanager 9093/9094 linux/x86_64 inactive /tidb-data/alertmanager-9093 /tidb-deploy/alertmanager-9093 drainer 8249 linux/x86_64 Down /tidb-data/drainer-8249 /tidb-deploy/drainer-8249

想把drainer 删除重建

[root@GZ006011Monitor tidb-data]# tiup cluster start tidb -R drainer -N

Starting component cluster: /root/.tiup/components/cluster/v1.3.1/tiup-cluster start tidb -R drainer -N

Starting cluster tidb…

  • [ Serial ] - SSHKeySet: privateKey=/root/.tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/tidb/ssh/id_rsa, publicKey=/root/.tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/tidb/ssh/id_rsa.pub

  • [ Serial ] - StartCluster

Starting component drainer

Starting instance drainer

Error: failed to start drainer: failed to start: drainer, please check the instance’s log(/tidb-deploy/drainer-8249/log) for more detail.: timed out waiting for port 8249 to be started after 2m0s

Verbose debug logs has been written to /root/.tiup/logs/tiup-cluster-debug-2023-05-25-16-00-38.log.

Error: run /root/.tiup/components/cluster/v1.3.1/tiup-cluster (wd:/root/.tiup/data/TfFmdgE) failed: exit status 1

执行了scale-in 和scale-out吗 启动提示超时是报啥错

tiup cluster start tidb -R drainer -N


可以使用 tiup cluster scale-in 命令将 Drainer 实例从集群中删除,然后再使用 tiup cluster scale-out 命令重新添加 Drainer 实例。


  1. 停止 Drainer 实例:

    tiup cluster stop tidb --node
  2. 删除 Drainer 实例:

    tiup cluster scale-in tidb --node
  3. 重新添加 Drainer 实例:

    tiup cluster scale-out tidb /path/to/drainer-topology.yaml

    其中,/path/to/drainer-topology.yaml 是 Drainer 实例的拓扑文件路径,可以在该文件中指定 Drainer 实例的配置信息,例如 IP 地址、端口号、数据目录等。